Patented Pet Product with Large Retail Partnerships

For sale is a 13-year-old ecommerce business that primarily offers secure, patented fencing products to keep digging pets contained in yards. The fencing products have one utility patent and two design patents. The company also provides a commercial-grade product that airports use to keep animals off of runways. Zoos can also use the commercial product to […]

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Natural Clothing Brand Ecommerce Company

For sale is an 8-year-old natural clothing Ecommerce brand that sells out of Etsy and its own website. They have extremely loyal customers and a cult following in the yoga and natural lifestyle communities, with a 20K+ email database that is marketed to extensively. Their products are very unique in the market and have no […]

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purple strobe lights

Missouri Medical Laser Company

For sale is a 5-year-old business that sells FDA-approved Class IV medical lasers for use in chiropractors’, physical therapists, medical offices, and other health care professionals. Health care providers use class IV lasers to treat chronic knee pain or arthritis, chronic Achilles tendonitis, elbow pain or tendonitis of the elbow, and chronic wrist pain. This […]

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flat lay photography of mushrooms

Mushroom Growing Kits Amazon Business

For sale is a 10-year-old Michigan company that specializes in selling proprietary mushroom-growing kits on Amazon. The mushroom kits are highly sought-after by home cooks, restaurants, hobbyists, gardeners and wellness experts who wish to grow, use and eat their own mushrooms. The business has a decade-long track record of B2B distribution (i.e. selling mushrooms to […]

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person using laptop computer holding card

Personalized Promotional Items Ecommerce Company

For sale is a 28-year-old e-commerce business that sells personalized promotional items for internal and external branding. The company offers “swag” for incentive programs, trade shows/events, promotional giveaways, and employee uniforms, among additional items. Examples of items sold are; personalized apparel, awards, bags/totes, desk/office products, client gifts, and the business’s best-selling product logo mats, with […]

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man in purple suit jacket using laptop computer

Online Residential Mortgage Brokerage

For sale is an online residential mortgage brokerage created in 2019 that gives consumers a wider range of mortgage or refinancing options than traditional lenders. They can offer custom loans and terms and low interest rates because of their extremely low overhead costs and 100% digital business model. They currently advertise on hundreds of websites, […]

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white wooden cabinet with assorted items

Los Angeles Beach City Upscale Boutique

For sale is a high-end contemporary boutique based in an upscale Los Angeles beach city. This boutique sells women’s & men’s clothing, jewelry, and specialty gifts. The professionally-designed store is a turnkey operation with an extremely loyal following and established local and global clientele. It has been featured in numerous local and national publications. Due […]

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woman sitting in front of closed door

Military Housing Website

For sale is a trademarked five-year-old lead generation site that caters to military personnel and their families looking for housing. The business was founded by two military spouses and 80% of its team members are either retired military or military spouses. The business is 100% remote and makes money via two channels: advertising (around 70%) […]

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reflection of blue light crossing above pool near house during nighttime

Home Automation Wholesale and Retail Distribution Company

For sale is a stocking, wholesale and retail distribution company based out of San Diego. Founded in 1989, they possess long-standing relationships with over 110 manufacturers that have products that span the home automation, security, low voltage and networking categories. They purchase distributor level discounted inventory directly from their manufacturing partners, which allows them to […]

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black and silver naked motorcycle on road during daytime

Motorcycle Detailing Products Ecommerce

For sale is an Ecommerce business created in 2019 that sells motorcycle detailing products through its Shopify business website and Amazon. All products are manufactured exclusively in the United States. They are the only motorcycle-specific product advertised DTC for motorcycle care and their clients are acquired via multiple channels (i.e. 50% Facebook, 40% Amazon and […]

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orange canoe on lake surrounding with mountain at daytime

Kayak Ecommerce

For sale is a highly successful, family-run online business in the inflatable watercrafts niche. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, this 24-year-old business has seen exponential growth in the last two years. The dominant player in the inflatables market, the business enjoys premium converting SEO real estate, and preferential treatment from vendors. The company has grown […]

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assorted-colored toys on table

Toy Manufacturer Subscription Box & Ecommerce Business

For sale is an Illinois-based 8-year-old company that manufacturers toys for Ecommerce platforms as well as Subscription Boxes. The business has strong recurring revenue through the subscription box channel, a large affiliate network and strong partnerships with brands and designers. They have valuable distribution networks through multiple Ecommerce sales channels (with Amazon representing 50% of […]

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white airplane near trailers during sunset

Aviation Accessories Ecommerce

For sale is an 11-year-old family business with two distinct Ecommerce websites that specialize in aviation accessories. Their diversified portfolio includes niche aviation-specific accessories for GoPro camera mounts, audio cables, and adapter cables as well as a separate product line that makes aviation microphones and adapter cables. The company was the first to market in […]

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low-angled photography of U.S.A. flag on pole

Flagpoles & Solar Lights Ecommerce

For sale are two niche DTC Ecommerce websites in the Flapgpole and Solar Lights arenas with long sales histories. The sites have seen steady, strong growth while dropshipping around 66% most of the products. The recent financial growth has been attributed to both a light COVID lift as well as increased flagpole sales after construction […]

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white and brown long coated dog lying on white textile

Dog Products Ecommerce

For sale is a leading manufacturer of pet products. The ultimate goal of the business is to provide healthy pet products online a competitive prices with convenient shipping. The owners take great pride in providing top quality produce to their customers. With thousands of reviews and racing fans. The business is run on solid tech […]

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space gray iPhone 6 on brown wooden table

iPhone Accessories Company

For sale is an innovative smartphone accessory retailer. The business is the largest phone case brand born from social media. With nearly 1 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, most people have heard about the business. The owners have made the business. a remarkably successful company with zero funding and zero mass-scale distribution efforts. […]

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person holding black and silver fishing reel

Fishing Enthusiast Membership Business

For sale is a fishing membership membership and e-commerce company that serves mainly the USA market. Exclusive training videos that are filmed by a contracted professional bass fisherman form the crux of the business model. These videos contain advanced techniques that help anglers ultimately catch more fish and have more enjoyment when they go out. […]

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white front load washing machine beside white wooden cabinet

Home Appliance Ecommerce

For sale is a 10-year-old niche home appliance ecommerce business, with a mix of tankless water heaters and boilers (55% of revenue), pool heaters (25% of revenue), venting, home improvement products, and miscellaneous. 70% of revenue comes from the website, 28% from Amazon, and a small amount from eBay and Walmart. 60% of revenue is […]

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five gray spoons filled with assorted-color powders near chilli

Herbs Ecommerce

For sale is a 10-year-old portfolio of 4 direct-to-consumer herb supplement websites. With 99% of sales coming from the websites (no Amazon), the owner uses Shopify and MySQL to track the 6,000+ SKUs. The business has seen incredible growth from 2019 to 2020 which the owner attributes to changing consumer attitudes toward health supplements and […]

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