Military Housing Website

Business Description

For sale is a trademarked five-year-old lead generation site that caters to military personnel and their families looking for housing. The business was founded by two military spouses and 80% of its team members are either retired military or military spouses.

The business is 100% remote and makes money via two channels: advertising (around 70%) and referral fees (around 30%). Their advertising partners represent monthly recurring revenue and span from $500/month to $10K/month (there is approximately $36K per month from the largest six advertisers in recurring ad revenue in addition to the revenue from the smaller advertisers). They make their referral fees via accessing a network of over 2000 military expert vetted real estate agents across the country who pay the business 25% of each real estate commission they earn via a lead the business provided.

The business has shown year-over-year revenue growth, boasts a large database of military customer leads, has a strong social media presence (23 city-based Facebook groups with over 50,000 followers) and is run by a stellar team who essentially oversee the daily operations. It is mission-focused and creates a strong social impact in empowering the military spouse community both in employment and in home buying and selling.

There are two owners who each hold 50% of the company. However, both of them have full-time jobs outside of the site and only spend a combined 10-15 hours a week checking in with team members and overseeing high-level strategy initiatives, as the team essentially runs the day-to-day operations.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,300,000

Revenue: $661,749

Income: $338,629

Multiple: 3.83x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed