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Anthony Codispoti - EatGreenTea.com

Hear from Anthony about how we helped sell his business EatGreenTea.com

Dale Mugford - Brave New Code

Hear from Dale about how we helped sell his WordPress plugin business Brave New Code

Sophie Howard Testimonial

Hear from Sophie about how we helped sell her Amazon business.

In late August of 2020 I was starting to plan an exit strategy for my business. I was thinking of 10 to 15 years down the road but wanted to prepare for that time when it came. Through an internet search I discovered Business Exits and reached out. The next business day I received a call from Loren Vandegrift. Loren was very attentive to my situation and provided me with an outline of the process. He was patient and informative. Loren offered to do an evaluation of the business just to see where we stood. From this evaluation we would know the value and how to proceed to prepare for an exit on down the road. After a thorough yet simple evaluation, Loren called me with the results. He reported it was sellable now and for twice as much as I thought. After a bit of soul-searching, I asked him to sell it. A week after we signed the sales agreement, he had me meet by phone with a potential buyer. Long story short, this buyer checked all the boxes and bought the company. As I wished, I maintained a small portion of the business and was bought out of the rest, securing my, and my family's future. The work from the LOI to the closing was way easier then expected, and Business Exits was leading the way, making it come to fruition easily. Business Exits helped secure my future and gave me 15 more retirement years than I planned. I can’t thank them enough for their approach and genuine care for their clients. Meeting Loren has changed our family. Thank you Loren Vandegrift and your team at Business Exits. JDP

John PhillipsWillet Hauser

Business Exits helped us exit an e-commerce business in our portfolio that no longer fitted our core vision for our company.

Edward YimBlue Moon Ventures

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