Fishing Enthusiast Membership Business

Business Description

For sale is a fishing membership membership and e-commerce company that serves mainly the USA market.

Exclusive training videos that are filmed by a contracted professional bass fisherman form the crux of the business model. These videos contain advanced techniques that help anglers ultimately catch more fish and have more enjoyment when they go out. The expert fisherman also makes recommendations for equipment.

As a result of those training videos, helpful niche blogs, a 30 percent flat discount for members only, apparel for sale, deep-diving crankbaits, fishing line, lures, and a variety of fishing accessories and equipment, the gross revenue for product sales on a July YTD basis is $767,391.

The price of membership is $38.06 per month for as long as desired until the member cancels. It includes the aforementioned flat 30 percent discount on all store items at the ecommerce website.

The business was founded was to give anglers not just a place to purchase the best value fishing gear on the market, but also to serve and engage its customers with relevant content to enhance customer relationships and enhance customer loyalty. This is how the owner came up with the idea. The market is glutted with fishing equipment and a copious amount of brands—outdoorsmen find it difficult to know which is best. The owner wanted to create a space where specialty instructional videos and blogs turn anglers in the right direction with recommendations about equipment.

The business has three targeted missions:
-To provide quality fishing tackle and gear at reasonable prices to those who love fishing
-To spread his love for fishing by providing merchandise that allows him to express his
passion, whether it is through t-shirts, mugs, or anything else fishing-related
-Provide quality content about and for bass fishing via experts in the field

Although the e-commerce business is successful and is ripe for growth opportunities, the owner wishes to pursue other opportunities; the capital will be used to free up funds to pursue those prospects.


The largest opportunity for growth lies in tapping into more revenue and traffic channels by taking advantage of other social media platforms beyond Facebook. The new owner could also utilize the 130,000- strong subscriber email list for a variety of marketing purposes.

One unique aspect about the business is that both websites cater to a passionate group who engage in a “product-heavy” leisure activity. As such, there is possibility to sell an endless amount of merchandise to this audience.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $2,400,000

Revenue: $1,848,199

Income: $816,771

Multiple: 2.2X

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed