Flagpoles & Solar Lights Ecommerce

Business Description

For sale are two niche DTC Ecommerce websites in the Flapgpole and Solar Lights arenas with long sales histories. The sites have seen steady, strong growth while dropshipping around 66% most of the products.

The recent financial growth has been attributed to both a light COVID lift as well as increased flagpole sales after construction companies started listing one of the sites as a suggested retailer on their forms (this started in 2019). The solar lights are mostly (90%) fulfilled through their Denver warehouse and the other 10% are dropshipped. 95% of the revenue is DTC through the websites and 5% through Amazon.

The owner is flexible with transition timeline and open to deal structures.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $2,000,000 + Inventory

Revenue: $6,826,081

Income: $842,278

Multiple: 2.37x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed