blue red and yellow intermodal containers

Shipping Container Sales and Transport

For sale is a 4-year-old business that offers shipping container sales and delivery in the southern United States. Shipping containers are obtained directly through established contacts in the shipping lines. The company has a simple business model, does not require many employees, and has good profit margins. There are 827 total customers, many of which […]

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white and black golf cart

Golf Cart Aftermarket Parts Distributor and Manufacturer

For sale is a 10-year-old business that manufactures and sells direct-to-consumer aftermarket golf cart components. Specifically, the business specializes in bringing affordable yet high-quality big block engine upgrade kits to market. Many parts the company sells are manufactured in the US, while a small amount of the products sold are imported. The company website is […]

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gray camping trainer park near house

Southwest Trailer Sales

For sale is a 9-year-old horse and utility trailer sales company with multiple locations in the southwest, each with its own full-service repair shop. Customer loyalty leads to repeat purchases as the business is fast becoming the go-to source for trailers within the growing equestrian community in the Southwest. The trailer sales company has contracts, […]

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purple strobe lights

Missouri Medical Laser Company

For sale is a 5-year-old business that sells FDA-approved Class IV medical lasers for use in chiropractors’, physical therapists, medical offices, and other health care professionals. Health care providers use class IV lasers to treat chronic knee pain or arthritis, chronic Achilles tendonitis, elbow pain or tendonitis of the elbow, and chronic wrist pain. This […]

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person using laptop computer holding card

Personalized Promotional Items Ecommerce Company

For sale is a 28-year-old e-commerce business that sells personalized promotional items for internal and external branding. The company offers “swag” for incentive programs, trade shows/events, promotional giveaways, and employee uniforms, among additional items. Examples of items sold are; personalized apparel, awards, bags/totes, desk/office products, client gifts, and the business’s best-selling product logo mats, with […]

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white wooden cabinet with assorted items

Los Angeles Beach City Upscale Boutique

For sale is a high-end contemporary boutique based in an upscale Los Angeles beach city. This boutique sells women’s & men’s clothing, jewelry, and specialty gifts. The professionally-designed store is a turnkey operation with an extremely loyal following and established local and global clientele. It has been featured in numerous local and national publications. Due […]

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reflection of blue light crossing above pool near house during nighttime

Home Automation Wholesale and Retail Distribution Company

For sale is a stocking, wholesale and retail distribution company based out of San Diego. Founded in 1989, they possess long-standing relationships with over 110 manufacturers that have products that span the home automation, security, low voltage and networking categories. They purchase distributor level discounted inventory directly from their manufacturing partners, which allows them to […]

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assorted-colored toys on table

Toy Manufacturer Subscription Box & Ecommerce Business

For sale is an Illinois-based 8-year-old company that manufacturers toys for Ecommerce platforms as well as Subscription Boxes. The business has strong recurring revenue through the subscription box channel, a large affiliate network and strong partnerships with brands and designers. They have valuable distribution networks through multiple Ecommerce sales channels (with Amazon representing 50% of […]

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man wearing mud mask

Skin Care Retail Product

Own the actual Name Brand “on the shelf” retail product in the first aid/skin care section of major retailers. The product is a homeopathic, topical remedy made from all-natural plant extracts that had sales of over $12 million in 2016. The brand is supported by multi-million dollar television campaign and the product has massive name […]

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person holding ice cream in cone

San Jose Boutique Ice Cream Shop

For sale is a five-year-old San Jose-based artisanal ice cream shop that specializes in all-natural homemade goods. They offer ultra premium ice cream handcrafted in small batches and using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. The business has been steadily growing since its inception and remained steady even throughout the pandemic. There is the opportunity for a […]

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Replacement Filter Retailer

For sale is a business that sells replacement filters for household items. This company specializes in selling appliance consumables—parts that need to be replaced on home appliances e.g. water filters. This creates a unique scenario for an e-commerce business where there is recurring purchases. The items are perishable and have a lifetime of between 1-6 […]

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person holding a candy pack on white plastic box

Candy Subscription Service

For sale is a monthly subscription service for Mexican candy and snacks. Each month, the business sends a different assortment of items to customers. The business also has a popular one-time store, where subscribers can also purchase bags or boxes of specific items that they loved in their monthly subscription. The business has an average […]

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