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Business Description

For sale is a 7-year-old specialty window manufacturing company that produces an innovative and scalable window whose unique function allows for blending indoor and outdoor spaces in a whole new way in both home and business settings. The solid steel windows are manufactured in the USA and sold directly to customers in standard sizes, which has enabled the founders to scale up the manufacturing process quickly. The windows are double-pane tempered low-E glass with argon gas, making them highly energy efficient and having a 2-year corner-to-corner warranty. Window prices start at $5,500 but vary based on size and are available for shipping across the United States. Traditionally the windows have been 75% residential, but that number is shifting as more commercial accounts buy these windows for their restaurants nationwide.

The business has grown almost every year since its inception, with demand scaling up as the manufacturing capabilities improve with minimal advertising. Because of this, they haven’t pursued any window dealer or supplier partnerships, which is the clear path for buyers to achieve even faster growth. Since mid 2023 the company elected to rebuild their inventory levels giving any new owner the ability to capitalize on the profits for 2024 and service any new sales that may arise from new marketing initiatives or distribution agreements. There are 17 employees, with 6 key employees to assist the buyer. While the current owner works 40 hours per week, many of his tasks can be delegated to middle management, requiring fewer hours from the new owner.


2020 2021 2022 2023
Revenue $2,354,260 $4,174,660 $5,763,236 $4,895,568
SDE $983,020 $1,744,492 $1,895,206 $1,539,977

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $7,000,000

Revenue: $4,895,568

Income: $1,539,977

Multiple: 4.54x

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