Candy Subscription Service

Business Description

For sale is a monthly subscription service for Mexican candy and snacks. Each month, the business sends a different assortment of items to customers. The business also has a popular one-time store, where subscribers can also purchase bags or boxes of specific items that they loved in their monthly subscription. The business has an average customer retention of three months and a CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) of $9.19.

Operationally the business is very lean and efficient. Employees come into the warehouse in San Marcos, CA and ship boxes only on 2 days out of the month. The business owns their own brand of candy, which keeps them unique. As you read more in the Q&A you’ll see very efficient business decisions to keep healthy profit margins – like just-in-time ordering, purchasing discounts, and part-time employees.

This business is not likely to be SBA eligible since it saw such high growth in the recent year. Buyers are welcome to explore SBA options with the SBA lender of their choice.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,140,000

Revenue: $1,454,102

Income: $300,677

Multiple: 3.8x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed