Manufacturing, Repair, and Re-Engineering of Mining Equipment

Business Description

For sale is a 23-year-old ISO Certified Company with global operations and physical presence in Canada and the United States.  The company specializes in engineering and re-engineering OEM parts, and equipment such as gears, gearboxes, clutches, bearings, and seals. The re-engineered OEM parts and equipment have better materials, applications, and designs to optimize and increase the equipment’s reliability and longevity. Clients experience less downtime, higher run time, less part/equipment replacement, and higher return on investment and plant profitability. They also provide hydraulic and electrical motor work, steel fabrication, and anti-wear coating solutions.

The company has a strong reputation, is well-established with solid vendors, and has contracts with long-term clients. Besides Original Equipment Manufacturers, the company has only a few competitors. Additionally, the company has low overhead and high profit margins.

Project minimums are $5K, but the average revenue per client can range from $300K to $3M. There are no specific licensing requirements to own the company, but a mechanical background would benefit the buyer.


2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Forecast
Revenue (CAD) $948,418 $2,688,238 $3,843,548 $5,583,092 $9,977,183
EBITDA (CAD) $191,965 $546,114 $845,478 $1,489,967 $3,418,558


*The revenue and income for the listing are based on the average of  2022 and 2023 forecast

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $12,500,000 CAD

Revenue: $7,780,138 CAD *

Income: $2,454,262 CAD *

Multiple: 5.09x

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