“How I Built My Small Business” Podcast Featuring Loren!

Podcast Feature

Loren Vandegrift, one of the Partners at Business Exits, was on the How I Built My Small Business podcast to talk about working with business owners to sell their business.

From the podcast’s description: “Loren is a Parter at Business Exits (https://businessexits.com/) and has sold over $300 million worth in businesses over the past six years. Prior to brokering business deals, Loren was the founder CEO of a technology strategy consulting firm that he exited after thirteen years. After his own terrible experience as a seller, Loren was motivated to create a better and more authentic process and entered the world of Mergers and Acquisitions. As a seasoned broker, he’s currently expanding his reach into the broader middle market, all while actively acquiring businesses and real estate along the way. Listen in as he gives us insight into the process of valuation, preparing a business for a sale, challenges faced, and so much more.”

Loren is always very candid in his delivery and that is a big reason why so many business owners trust him with one of the biggest transactions of their lives. Plus it helps that he has actually run his own businesses before, he’s not just a used car salesman, like we hear about so many times in the business brokerage world.

What are the differences between selling to a private individual vs private equity? How does the SBA loan work for buyers? How do you handle such an emotional process as a seller? How do you minimize risk in the transaction? These are some of the topics discussed in the episode btween Anne and Loren.


Watch it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tETC9Pmaado&list=PLwpruL2E8hQ7tXoTh6qj29xraUOjt6xwB&index=9 or listen anywhere you find your podcasts!


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