San Francisco Christmas Lights Service Business

Business Description

For sale is a successful, 14-year-old holiday lighting company based in the San Francisco Bay Area with huge growth potential in an industry that is trending upward. The right buyer could easily take this to the next level.

The owners currently work five months out of the year with a capable staff of employees. The business brings in more than enough money to pay for annual updated supplies, employees’ salaries, and for the owners to enjoy traveling seven months of the year with very little hands-on work.

Repeat clients (86%) are amongst the San Francisco Bay Area’s elite and wealthiest homeowners and commercial properties. This business has an established brand recognition in the Bay Area and has maintained and grown relationships with clients ranging from municipalities and well-known landmarks to the most exclusive residents. Although the business is seasonal, Christmas comes every year even during a recession which they proved by growing throughout the financial crisis of 2008.

This business offers an incredible lifestyle. It has produced enough profits to allow the owners to purchase several real estate investments since 2006, invest in stocks and private equity opportunities, and take their family traveling around the world every year.

Buyers can feel confident knowing the company has a long history and a consistent million dollar a year profit (that looks to be significantly higher for 2020 based on new contracts) that is fully preapproved by SBA.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $5,000,000

Revenue: $1,860,343

Income: $1,062,024

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed