Window Restoration Company

Business Description

For sale is a company that sells and installs windows, siding, and doors mainly in the South
East USA. Created in 2007 and growing ever since then, it is now the top brand in window
installations in the region, winning multiple awards for customer satisfaction. It is, without doubt,
the most well-regarded installation business in the area due to its commitment to customer
service, high quality product and stellar online reputation. This resulted in exceptional growth
from gross sales of $1.4m in 2014 to $9.5m in 2017, that look to grow in 2018.
This excellent reputation has been crafted from not only a strong focus on customer service,
but also a strong company image. By fully employing people and keeping the use of contractors
to a minimum, the business has more control of schedules, logistics, and even the presentation
of the employees than its competitors. The business appears as if it could be a franchise, and
customers immediately feel at ease when the installation teams arrive. Additionally, the company
owns the equipment and vehicles used for service and can dictate new and improved methods if
necessary. The new owner can expect a high level of professionalism and efficiency built in from
the very beginning.
The positive image it possesses has melded well with marketing and advertising campaigns
to reach large amounts of prospective customers and drive leads. The business has radio
and TV campaigns, as well as partnerships with University sporting events. These campaigns
have proven effective, and they, combined with positive word of mouth, keep a steady flow of
customers looking for the businesses services.
The owner is confident in the continued growth of the business, and efforts are already
underway to look into expanding into new markets, particularly in the Texas, Louisiana
and Florida regions. Early work has proven successful, and secondary branches have been
This company is bristling with opportunity for the right buyer, who would likely be able to
rapidly expand the brand above the 3 states currently working with an infusion of capital. Easily
scalable, highly professional, and established in the region, it is a company that’s just waiting for
the right owner to come in a take it to the next stage of success.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $6,500,000

Revenue: $9,527,566

Income: $1,837,387

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed