Texas Healthcare Staffing Business

Business Description

For sale is the number one medical staffing and health care consulting agency serving South Texas. Located at the crossroads of four major cities – two of which are in the nation’s top two – the agency has virtually no competition in its area. Because of its niche of “nurse finding,” the agency has a history of excellence and has not suffered through the COVID pandemic as have other businesses.

Founded nearly 20 years ago, this agency is easy to maintain with good, quality staff, several contracts in place with medical care providers, and a trusted reputation. Nurse staffing is a difficult industry to break into from scratch – the buyer will benefit from this agency’s long history of superior service.

Although nursing staffing is the agency’s primary focus & represents the vast majority of the business model, services include:

  • Physician Recruitment
  • Management/Consulting Services
  • Medical/Legal Expert Opinion
  • Therapy Staffing (PT-ST-OT)
  • Respiratory Therapists, MLTs, Radiology Staffing

Clients include: Hospitals, nursing homes, physicians’ offices, hospice, and home health care.

Management/consulting services are provided nation-wide, and all services are provided around the clock.

This company stayed steady through the COVID crises and is back to its previous growth with $7M revenue in 2020 on $2.2M Profit, 2019’s $7M revenue on $2.1M EBIDTA, and 2018’s $5.5M revenue on $1.6M Profit.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $11,000,000

Revenue: $8,000,000

Income: $2,200,000

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed