California Sushi Case Manufacturer

Business Description

For sale is a 20-year-old Southern CA-based refrigerated display case manufacturer focused in the Sushi industry. The brand is a recognized leader in the space as the only custom-made sushi showcase company in the US.

They have a 70% repeat purchase rate, and materials are sourced from Asia and assembled in the US by a highly proficient team. The brand is government-certified (easily transferable to a buyer), and the sale includes around $200,000 worth of inventory and assets.

The company achieves substantial profit margins across all products and has witnessed steady year-over-year sales growth by 5%, with a slight profit dip in 2020 due to COVID, which caused widespread shutdowns in the restaurant industry. The business began ordering all materials from overseas in 2023, which significantly reduced COGS, alongside a market decrease in material prices.

The business has eight staff members; most of the team are tenured employees, and four have been with the company for over 10 years, so a buyer would inherit a seasoned team. The owner would like to pursue other business ventures and is confident the employees will stay with the business post-sale.


2019* 2020* 2021* 2022 2023
Revenue $887,910 $768,503 $1,375,774 $1,449,211 $1,463,053
SDE Not Available Not Available Not Available $241,477 $549,053


*2019-2021 were under previous owner, detailed bookkeeping unavailable.


Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,500,000

Revenue: $1,456,132 (2022 & 2023 Avg.)

Income: $395,265 (2022 & 2023 Avg.)

Multiple: 3.8x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed