Botanical Supplements Ecommerce Business

Business Description

For sale is a 100% remote botanical supplements Ecommerce company started in 2020. They sell exclusively through their own website via Shopify and currently have 10 SKUs fully formulated with five in active production.

The model is unique, highly profitable, built for duplication and scalability and easy to manage; the lead time from R&D to sellable product has been cut down to 12 weeks. It also now has significant market recognition, with social media views totaling in the billions, and an audience that’s bigger than Pepsi (and closing in on Red Bull). With the new SKUs and subscriptions in place, they now also have a 20% return customer rate.

Their packaging is currently sourced from China and the products are manufactured in Utah. The inventory is held by OTW Shipping in Utah, who is also their 3rd party fulfillment partner. Sales have been up YoY, though margins have dipped a bit due to a conversion rate optimization near the end of 2022 so that maximum profit was reached at a lower price point. The lower price point also helped them quintuple the conversion rate.

The business has two main owners and two employees and it can be run from anywhere. A buyer would need to already have some infrastructure to absorb the duties of the current team.

2021 20222 Jan-July 2023
Revenue $2,012,806 $2,606,266 $2,496,413
SDE $1,056,497 $1,105,906 $686,065


Financial Overview

Asking Price: $3,900,000 (including inventory)

Revenue: $2,606,266

Income: $1,105,906

Multiple: 3.5x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed