Southern California Pool Plastering and Design Business

Business Description

For sale is a business that specializes in swimming pool plastering, tile resurfacing, custom pool remodels, exposed pebble, hydrazzo and color pools. They are a family-owned company that opened their doors in 1948 and have had three generations serving Southern California customers in the subsequent 73 years.

Their experience and methodology makes them a very strong and unique leader in the niche space. They have an impressive word-of-mouth referral strategy and an extremely high recognition factor in California. Most of the work is done by in-house employees (they have a plaster crew, a water blast crew, a demo crew, a plumbing crew, a masonry crew, and a mechanic). They use subcontractors for stripping pools, some plumbing and some tile work.

This is a fairly easy business to move into for a new owner, with minimal responsibilities outside overseeing the bidding process. It requires a C-53 license but there’s the possibility of using the current owner or a key employee’s license during the transition.

Additionally, it includes $306,000 of FFE and is SBA pre-approved for a qualified buyer.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $820,000

Revenue: $2,179,447

Income: $397,598

Multiple: 2.06x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed