Software Conglomerate

Business Description

For sale is a software company with four businesses.

For 3 out of the 4 businesses, the current owner has created a Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing and delivery model in which the products are licensed on a subscription basis. It is also centrally hosted and can be run from anywhere in the world where there is internet access. The service is sometimes referred to as “on-demand software” or “software plus services.”

The products offered are feature-rich and easy to understand. Over the years, the owner has
perfected them by listening to users, pulling the products apart and making them stronger and more stable. In
the last year, 30,000 successful, live webinars took place using one of the proprietary product.

The SaaS business model is typically accessed by users via a web browser. It has become a common delivery
model for many business applications, including office and messaging software, payroll processing software, DBMS software, management software, CAD software, development software, gamification, virtualization, accounting, collaboration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Management Information Systems (MIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), invoicing, Human Resource Management (HRM), talent acquisition, Content Management (CM), and service desk management.

SaaS has been incorporated into the strategy of nearly every leading enterprise software company.
Unlike traditional software which is conventionally sold as a perpetual license with an up-front cost and an optional ongoing support fee, SaaS providers generally price applications using a monthly or annual subscription fee.
The company offers four services with predictable recurring revenue from each:

The owner started up the business by using small software developments such as WordPress plugins and basic applications. The SaaS products and subscription model began two to three years ago when the owner saw the need to develop a substantial recurring income through customer commitment.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $16,500,000

Revenue: $5,754,910

Income: $2,344,998

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed