Security Guard Service Company

Business Description

For Sale is a 4-year-old professional security guard service company in Phoenix, Arizona. The company provides security guards, private investigation, and consulting services, with security guard services comprising 95% of revenue.

The company has large multi-year contracts with the government and various businesses (i.e., schools, large commercial real estate companies, hotels, hospitals, professional sports venues, and more). Government contracts range from three to five years, and private contracts fluctuate depending on terms, with larger projects passing the three-year mark.

There has been an uptrend of revenue growth, and during the pandemic, the business experienced an increase in sales of approximately 3,000 hours per week, which has since normalized to 2,450-2,700 hours per week.

The business has a staff of 111 consisting of 104 security guards and 7 key personnel experts in their respective fields. The number of security guards fluctuates according to turnovers and assignments, and the COO is trained to run daily operations. The owner is confident they will stay with the business post-sale.

A new owner needs people management skills and knowledge of HR practices. A background in security isn’t necessary, but it would be helpful, and a security license would need to be acquired. If a new owner chooses to continue private investigation and consulting services, they would need a PI license and training in consulting work or hire someone with the necessary expertise.

2020 2021 2022
Revenue $930,210 $2,183,006 $3,069,983
SDE $158,624 $326,153 $358,662



Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,299,000

Revenue: $3,069,983

Income: $358,662

Multiple: 3.6x

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