Specialized Canadian Recruitment Agency

Business Description

For sale is a 100% remote 14-year-old Specialized Recruitment Agency that focuses mainly on intermediate to executive-level positions within the Canadian Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Energy, and Manufacturing sectors. With an active and passive network of over 70k professionals, the agency has a stellar track record of placing candidates in management positions with the most sought-after companies across Canada.

The business primarily focuses on permanent placements, entering into formal contracts with clients to offer employment search services. It operates with three compensation models, all based on a percentage of the position’s salary, typically ranging from 18% to 30%. Serving over 70 clients annually, with 75% being repeat customers, the business averages over $30,000 in revenue per client.

The business’s revenue and profits significantly jumped in 2021 due to more than doubling the number of recruiters. The company has a business support manager and a team of 24 experienced recruiters across Canada.

The owners look forward to spending more time with family but are open to remaining part of the business for an extended transition or equity partnership. In addition, they are confident the team will stay with the business post-sale. Excellent people-management skills are necessary for a buyer.

2021 FS 2022 FS 2023 P&L 2024 YTD P&L
Revenue (CAD) $2,328,888 $2,282,420 $2,283,323 $1,002,544
SDE (CAD) $753,361 $688,810 $763,741 $399,370


Financial Overview

Asking Price: $3,000,000 CAD

Revenue: $2,283,323 CAD

Income: $763,741 CAD

Multiple: 3.9x

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