National Real Estate Investment Marketplace, Education & Consulting Firm

Business Description

For sale is a seven-year-old 100% remote nationwide real estate marketplace and education company that helps clients build an investment strategy based on their goals. They offer convenient and immediate access to diverse turnkey rental properties across the United States exclusive to the company’s investor community.

They thoroughly research the best geographic areas and market the properties on behalf of the seller (without owning the assets). They also offer a paid educational course for clients that gives them the tools to become successful real estate investors.

The company is not composed of real estate agents, as their revenue comes from marketing/referral fees from the seller once the property closes (which varies based on the location and price of the property). The average property sells for around $200k-$300k, and the average marketing fee per closing ranges from $12k-$20k.

The business has many repeat clients (the average client buys three houses with them in the first year and can end up owning, on average, 15-18 investment properties over time), so the long-term value of clients is high.

They have a staff of 12, including key leadership roles with a well-established veteran staff to manage the critical operations of sales, marketing, operations & customer support. They are all remote, which has allowed the company to recruit the best players in the industry. The owner is looking to retire but is confident the team will stay with the business post-sale.

This listing requires seller approval for the CIM. We appreciate your patience as we receive approval and we will send you the CIM as soon as possible.


Financial Overview

Asking Price: $28,000,000

Revenue: $7,711,687 (TTM)

Income: $4,964,930 (TTM)

Multiple: 5.6x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed