Rain Gutter and Sheet Metal Installation

Business Description

For sale is a 39-year-old California company offering custom rain gutters and sheet metal work in the Orange County coastal region. They install copper, aluminum, and some steel rain gutters and downspouts for residential customers and roof metals, deck metals, window and door flashings, fireplace caps and shrouds, fascia cladding, and foundation metals for builders, commercial, and Homeowners’ Associations.

Sheet Metal accounts for approximately 60% of revenue, and rain gutters for 40%. Charging higher prices than competitors enables the company to focus on the quality of work over the quantity of work. Even with premium pricing, they are turning away work. Revenue increased in 2023, but overall earnings decreased because of building repairs that were paid through the company account and a truck purchase.

The current owners have started training employees to take over their tasks and are minimally involved in day-to-day operations. Several key employees, including supervisors, project managers, and a shop foreman, will remain with the buyer. Although there is no general manager in place, the owners feel two current employees could fill this role. The buyer will need a contractor’s license or have one of the employees serve as RMO to operate the company successfully.

2021 2022 2023
Revenue $1,839,796 $1,954,993 $2,033,821
Earnings $204,502 $321,790 $293,842

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,100,000 + Inventory

Revenue: $1,994,407 (2022 & 2023 Avg)

Income: $307,816 (2022 & 2023 Avg)

Multiple: 3.6x

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