Patio Cover and Deck Company

Business Description

For sale is a family-owned 15-year-old patio cover and deck business based in Washington. Services include building patio covers, decks and railings, and commercial railings, with decking being the best-selling service (comprising 50% of revenue).

The clientele is 60% residential and 40% multi-family, with the majority being repeat and referral customers. On the multi-family side, they work with one of the biggest multi-unit developers in the Pacific Northwest, building their decks, stair railings, and ADA handrails.

Despite new construction halting in certain geographic areas of the country, this part of Washington is booming and many properties are being built, increasing client bids and creating an influx of job opportunities. Margins in 2023 are up significantly due to their multi-family commercial work picking back up.

The owners look forward to retirement and currently have 8 W2 employees, including two long-time senior managers who could take over day-to-day operations and six field crew employees. The owner is confident they will stay with the company post-sale. It would be helpful, though not necessary, for a buyer to have basic knowledge of the industry and bidding.

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Revenue $894,769 $1,145,996 $1,539,738 $1,664,288 $445,066
SDE $255,459 $257,830 $330,519 $383,028 $199,095


Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,200,000

Revenue: $1,664,288

Income: $383,028

Multiple: 3.1x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed