New England Kitchen Remodeling and Installation Business

Business Description

For sale is a 33-year-old New England-based business that offers a complete interior and architectural design experience for clients looking to redesign spaces in their homes. They are the largest remodeler in New England of kitchen remodels, with sub-contractors who work exclusively with them, and they have a conversion rate of inquiries of almost 90%.

In the last couple of years, the business saw sales of $2.8M and $3M. This year the company has already had $4.2M in sales as of the end of July. Sales are higher than ever due to the fact that higher mortgage interest rates are pricing out customers looking to buy new homes and they are deciding to renovate instead. Additionally, more and more high-income individuals are leaving Boston and moving to New Hampshire where they can enjoy a much better cost of living but still being commutable to the city. The location also offers great tax savings as New Hampshire has no sales tax.

The owner works part-time and has a very strong team (most over 20 years with the business!) that runs day-to-day operations.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $2,900,000

Revenue: $4,140,000

Income: $923,298

Multiple: 3.1x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed