Montana Comprehensive Lawn Care Services

Business Description

For sale is a well-established full-service lawn care and landscaping company in Montana.  The company is a one-stop shop and offers lawn maintenance, landscaping, sprinkler system installation, lawn aeration, power raking, shrub trimming, hydro-seeding, fertilizer & weed control, snow removal, small engine repair, and Christmas lights installation.  Landscaping services are booked through the fall, with nearly 200 customers on a waitlist.  Additionally, the owner prioritizes keeping newer equipment and vehicles to prevent equipment failure and delays.

In 2023, the company had over 2K customers with an average revenue per customer of $2K.  The company experiences 70 to 80% recurring revenue from 75% commercial and 25% residential customers by offering customers comprehensive contracts with year-round services.  Although the company charges more than most other companies in the area, it constantly turns away new customers seeking the highly rated umbrella of services.

2023 revenue was up but profits were a bit down for a few reasons. The price of materials increased dramatically (everything from equipment to sod to office supplies). Additionally, labor costs also shot up, as the growth in the area has caused wages to skyrocket. The owner has adjusted for these challenges by increasing his prices in 2024 (both hourly rates and contract prices) and expects that this year will again see margins above 30%.  Q1 is usually the slowest time of the year, and revenue starts to rise steadily beginning in April.

Several vital employees include two General Managers, two foremen, and mechanics.  The buyer could delegate most of the owner’s tasks and work minimal weekly hours.  No specific licenses or skills are required of the buyer.
2021 2022 2023
Revenue $3,521,366 $4,251,705 $4,686,222
Earnings $1,068,276 $1,327,279 $1,109,364

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Financial Overview

Asking Price: $5,600,000 (includes $2.5M in equipment)

Revenue: $4,468,963 (2022 & 2023 average)

Income: $1,218,321 (2022 & 2023 average)

Multiple: 4.5x

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