Motorcycle Sales-Dealership/ Service Shop | SBA-Approved & Covid-Resistant

Business Description

For sale is an SBA approved and Covid-19 resistant motorcycle repair shop/sales-dealership in a major California city. The 13-year-old business is the #1 dealer on the West Coast, and possibly even the country for a major well known brand. They also have exclusive authority to sell specific motorcycles and have seen an increase in sales due to the lack of competition in the region. They also specialize in electric motorcycles.

The business is also well known for Ducati, BMW, MV Agusta, various gear/ accessories, used/ new motorcycles as well as Japanese motorcycle service. The owner also takes scooters for trade-in and resells them.

This business is a “non-dealership” motorcycle dealer in that there are no annoying dealership policies for the owner or customers to contend with. It runs like a small, mom & pop shop with attention to customers and detail—which happens to be a dealership.

Perhaps the biggest perk is that this business will remain the only motorcycle repair/dealership shop in this large city because of city codes and regulations. The owner had this company grandfathered in to do business in a city that historically and currently bans motorcycle dealerships. Therefore, competition in this city is nil.

The growth trajectory for this industry is steady growth upward of about 10% to 15% annually.

This business is currently under contract.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,200,000

Revenue: $1,762,604

Income: $375,000

Multiple: 3.2x

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