Medical Maintenance Service Company

Business Description

**This deal is SBA Approved. Ask us how you can purchase this business for 10% down.

For sale is a 41-year-old, stable and growing company based in Houston, Texas. The business primarily operates in the refrigeration repair contractor industry specializing in the medical field servicing hospital equipment. The company generates $1.1 million in annual revenues, and employs three people at its single location.

Because the business has a lock-hold on the scientific refrigeration repair industry in the greater Houston area, the business is stable and growing — especially in the medical sector.

There are 28 hospitals in the Houston Medical Center alone. The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center serves 177 hospitals, the majority of them in the Houston Metropolitan Area. People come to Houston from all over the world for treatment, especially for conditions such as cancer (MD Anderson and other hospitals), heart conditions (The Texas Heart Institute, and others)

The business has already been vetted for all of their hospital accounts. Hospitals make up about 50
percent of the company’s revenue.

In addition to servicing medical and laboratory refrigeration equipment, the company has contracts with most major refrigeration manufacturers for the oil and gas industry, technology centers, laboratories, and fuel systems. The Company also handles most manufacturers’ warranty work

Because the business is synonymous with quality service and repair, high standards for customer service,
and the owner’s integrity, they are the go-to business for the greater Houston area and beyond for businesses with refrigeration needs — especially in the medical field.

The buyer will take an already successful, growing company and keep it running without a blip—with many
opportunities to grow it into a multi-million dollar revenue source. The seller would like to see the buyer successful, and is willing to spend time making sure they understand how to keep the business going at its steady incline.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $2,000,000

Revenue: $1,087,932

Income: $707,764

Multiple: 2.8X

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed