Leading Information Security Firm – Strong Growth Potential (📍Saudi Arabia)

Business Description

Established in the heart of Saudi Arabia, this premier information security services company stands at the forefront of cybersecurity solutions, serving as the trusted technical partner for over 20 leading security vendors and more than 40 partners across the Middle East.

With a strong focus on technology implementation, GRC, red teaming, and SOC operations, the firm boasts a robust business model, drawing 75% of its revenue from consulting fees and 25% from software sales. Its comprehensive service portfolio includes consulting, cyber engineer services, security strategy, and advanced security assessments among others, delivering value through high-quality managed services and SLAs.

Demonstrated by a consistent upward trajectory in revenue and a substantial portion of recurring business, the firm exhibits both stability and growth potential.

The successful transition to new ownership is assured with a commitment to providing up to 40 hours of training and essential support.

Industry Overview: The Computer Systems Design and Related Services industry is experiencing rapid growth, fueled by increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions amid rising cyber threats globally. As businesses and organizations continue to prioritize securing their digital assets, the industry is poised for further expansion. Industry analysts, such as IBISWorld, project sustained growth in both the demand for information security audits, and implementation of security technologies, indicating a prosperous outlook for firms specializing in these services.

Facilities: Strategically the company’s headquarters provide an optimal base for both regional operations and international expansion. The professional setup includes fully equipped offices facilitating technical operations, administration, HR, and finance departments. With over 50 full-time employees, the firm is well-staffed to manage its extensive portfolio of projects and client engagements efficiently.

2021 2022 2023
Revenue $9,997,879 $11,116,109 $11,533,372
Earnings $4,403,984 $5,150,907 $5,357,567

*Marketing financials are shown in USD; however, actual financials are in both USD and SAR.

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Financial Overview

Asking Price: Open to Offers

Revenue: $11,212,916

Income: $5,179,543

Multiple: TBD

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