Home Garage Organization Design/Installation Business

Business Description

*Price reduced on June 29th by $300k*

For sale is an award-winning 14-year-old business in the Los Angeles area that is an industry leader in the unique niche of organizing, designing, and overhauling garage space.

This company is experiencing massive growth with no end in sight. The COVID-19 pandemic only affected in-person sales from April through June of this year; after June, sales skyrocketed to the
highest level in the history of the company.

The garage organization industry is now the fastest growing segment within the $8 billion home improvement sector. Most new homes are being built with garages — 83% have a two-car garage or larger.

It’s no surprise that Americans love “stuff.” Much of this “stuff” either ends up in the garage or at a costly self-storage facility. Data shows that 90% of Americans prefer to pay for an organized garage vs. wasting money on storage units.
Because most homeowners enter their houses through the garage, they prefer organized spaces. The company’s products and services allow their customers to utilize the extra space saved as personal gyms or work rooms/ offices, especially now that the pandemic has caused working remotely to become the new “normal” as more people are homebound.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,500,000

Revenue: $2,187,000

Income: $729,000

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