Rocketship Growth Staffing Business

Business Description

This company primarily works in staffing for the automotive industry while offering other higher margin problem solving services for tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers. Their growth rate of over 40% EBITDA continues as they expand into multiple states and into different industries in addition to the 80+ customers they service in less than four years of existence. The owner is looking for a majority equity partner to continue to fuel this growth while staying in a leadership position. Staffing accounts for around 60% of revenue, with other related services comprising the other 40%.

The company’s magic is its ability to solve for a variety of customer needs in a short amount of time. By doing so, they enjoy higher margins than a typical staffing business. If a 20k sq. ft. warehouse needs to be found, rented, built-out, and fully staffed in 3 days, there are not a lot of companies that can fulfill that demand.

Some of the new expansion areas he’s working on are:

  • Establishing another entity to handle union-based needs which increases their options to do work for either union or non-union auto companies across the nation
  • Buildout and services of large-scale warehouses across the country for one of the leading delivery carriers
  • Expansion into store-flipping in major grocery chains across multiple states

Every time we talk to the owner, he has opened more offices and has other lines of expansion in the works. He has the fire to keep leading the business expansion; he just wants a partner with the finances and experience to sustain this growth.

The business does not seem affected by the UAW strikes (staffing/security is still or even more needed on the lots during the strikes). More info in the CIM. Sign the NDA, and we will be in touch to verify buyer eligibility.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: Open to Offers

Revenue: $43,460,000 (TTM)

Income: $9,510,000 (TTM)

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed