Gas Chromatography Business

Business Description

For sale is a 39-year-old Florida-based company; a highly experienced provider of Gas Chromatography (GC) and Gas Chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) based analysis products and services. The company serves the analysis needs of what is broadly categorized as the hydrocarbon processing industry which includes oil companies, petrochemical producers, natural gas companies, and biofuels.

Their products include: ‘turnkey’ gas phase separation-based analyzers, highly specialized application software, calibration standards, QA reference materials, and replaceable (consumable) items all of which are commonly used throughout the hydrocarbon processing industry.

The company has successfully developed a very loyal customer base attributable to the ‘completeness’ of their product solutions and highly responsive pre-sale and post-sale client support. While they do offer custom/non-standard chromatography services, revenue is mostly derived from sales of their GC analyzers, software, and standards.

Although revenue declined in 2021 and 2022 due to widespread supply chain issues and the economic downturn brought on by the global pandemic, the trajectory significantly improved in the second half of 2022 with the current fiscal year on track to being the best ever. The owners are open to staying on with the business for 3-5 years or fully retiring.

Due to the nuanced and specific nature of the business, it’s ideal that a buyer have experience in a similar or tangential industry.


Oct 2019- Sept 2020 Oct 2020- Sept 2021 Oct 2021- Sept 2022 Oct 2022- Sept 2023 Oct- Dec 2023
Revenue $1,960,957 $2,132,256 $1,461,469 $3,326,632 $503,805
SDE $543,790 $569,137 $95,973 $1,138,878 $91,433


Financial Overview

Asking Price: $2,000,000

Revenue: $2,306,786 (three yr avg)

Income: $601,329 (three yr avg)

Multiple: 3.3x

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