DoD Contractor

Business Description

For sale is a 15-year-old Department of Defense (DoD) subcontractor in Indiana. The company provides blue collar workers for one of the largest DoD prime contractors. The business currently holds 9 different five-year contracts.

The contract employees are on the subcontractor’s payroll, but physically work on military bases or in the prime contractor’s facilities, not in any of the subcontractor’s offices.

The subcontractor bids on the prime’s five-year contracts, and structures the employees’ pay based on the Service Contract Act (SCA).

An FSO (Facility Security Officer) could be hired to hold the Top-Secret Clearance for the company, but the owner feels it best to have someone in ownership have the clearance so that the company’s ability to work on projects isn’t dependent on a specific employee. This process would take about 4 months and include a detailed background check. The COO has this clearance, and the owner is willing to stay on to hold this clearance until the new owner obtains it.


2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Revenue $3,825,142 $5,275,355 $5,649,404 $5,907,376 $6,444,473
EBITDA $1,312,634 $1,576,276 $1,762,110 $1,334,540 $1,367,559


Financial Overview

Asking Price: $7,250,000

Revenue: $6,444,473

Income: $1,367,559

Multiple: 5.3x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed