Fencing Contractor

Business Description

For sale is an SBA pre-approved booming residential fencing company dominating its its market in the Bay Area. The business has a hugely successful operational model that is easily scalable for colossal growth and has become THE place to go for top-notch residential fencing in less than 8 years — which is evident by its continually growing 4-month+ waitlist.

The business has many crews working daily and the structure of job flow and resource management beckons for the right owner to expand it very quickly and easily (as is evident by the many people willing to wait a long time for their superior services). Though the business specializes in residential fencing, they often also have commercial clients with multi-phase/multi-year projects. They source their lumber from local mills and are heralded as having the most quality product and superior workmanship in the community and beyond.

***SBA pre-approval up to the $5M SBA cap***

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $7,000,000

Revenue: $8,675,000

Income: $1,660,000

Multiple: 4x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed