Manufacturer of Patented APUs for Freight Trucks

Business Description

For sale is a 20-year-old company based in Illinois with solid footing in the trucking industry. The Company has two patents for a specialized Auxiliary Power Unit —an anti-idle device for large engines to save on fuel while they run at a standstill.

Current customers include the Israeli Army and 15 truck dealers with large fleets of semi-trucks and construction equipment across Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

With 95 percent of their business from direct sales, this business benefits from a robustly healthy industry which is booming. There are currently 15.5 million trucks on the road in the United States alone—that number grows by 100 trucks per hour.

When the owner first got involved on this side of the trucking industry about 20 years ago, the forecast was that the market would see a 10-year cycle then peter out. That has not happened, and the trajectory is steadily upward.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect for being the owner of this business is that it only requires about 20 hours of work per week: making sure everything is in order, checking on employees, examining margins of the previous weeks, and checking out positive and negative comments from customers. There are 10 employees who run everything else.

The Company’s patented HP2000 Series APU is the most efficient truck APU on the market today. The owner also designed the APU Commander which is the most comprehensive, high-tech APU control on the market today with features such as an integrated error log, on-the-fly error code diagnostics, calendar start, complete system monitoring and auto heat to cool climate control. What makes it efficient is the patented heat pump technology that provides more heating and cooling all while consuming less fuel.

Normal fuel use in an idling engine is 1.5 gallons per hour. The Company’s patented anti-idle device uses 1/10th of a gallon per hour while sitting. For the average driver, the HP2000 series will pay for itself within the first year or so of operation leaving additional savings year after year; as a result, the Company’s quality, dependable APU benefits from their windfall.

Based out of Illinois, the Company is the sole manufacturer of the HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit. With more than 10 years in production, the HP2000 has proven to be the most capable, dependable APU on the market and was rated #1 APU by its customers.

In addition, the increase in E-commerce is a tailwind for this company—more E-commerce activity results in more trucks on the road, which results in more sales for the Company.

Asking price (plus $300,000 inventory)

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $2,450,000

Revenue: $1,708,423

Income: $514,165

Multiple: 4.7x

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