We don’t have any buyers for your business type. We’d suggest you reach out to any of the brokers below who specialize in your industry.

1 – Raincatcher

Raincatcher is one company to look for, if you are wanting to obtain maximum value for your business when selling. With licenses to sell companies in all 50 US states and its proprietary selling framework the Colorado-based company can bring you buyers that are specifically searching for businesses like yours.

2 – Murphy

With a proven track record of successful business closings, Murphy is one of the leading boutique brokers in Florida. Besides buying and selling businesses, Murphy can help in evaluating your company, appraising machinery and equipment and a host of other business consultations.

3 – First Choice Business Brokers

First Choice Business Brokers is one of the leading business sales brokers in Nevada and the one to go for if confidential selling is your priority. From selling a business to evaluating a company to leasing services, the brokerage firm does it all with professionalism and commitment.