Business Exits Scholarship

Value: $1,250 USD

  • Length:
    One Semester
  • Status:
  • Closing date:

About Business Exits
Business Exits is a leader in the online business brokerage space. Business Exits is the most efficient marketplace for buying and selling high growth online businesses. Business Exits head office is based in West Hollywood – Los Angeles.


Business Exits Scholarship Goal
Business Exits will provide finical aid for Business or Marketing students who wish to peruse a career in investment banking.


Business Exits Eligibility
Students who apply must be part time or full time at college. The financial aid is open to students studying courses in business, marketing and real estate.

We will also allow international students from Australia and the UK to apply for the scholarship.


All resumes must include at least two current references. Also please include a cover letter which explains why you are a good fit for the scholarship.

Applications submitted after – 11/11/2016 will not be considered to win the scholarship.


The Application Process
Submit your resume and cover letter – The Business Exits team will review the resume.


We will conduct an interview with the top 7 students we select.


The Business Exits scholarship will be awarded to the student we deem to be the best fit.