Souvenir Gifts Manufacturer

Business Description

For sale is a 33-year-old souvenir gifts manufacturer with items that are stocked in souvenir shops, gift stores, airport stores, truck stops, and boutiques across the country (in every state). They are best known in the industry for their personalized and non-personalized products. They have laser engraving machines that allow them the ability to customize and eliminate long lead times or high minimums; they also have several finished products for quick and easy shipping. They manufacture everything internally so there are no supply chain issues.

The business had a tough 2020 due to the pandemic but rebounded and now has large deals in place with huge chains. It should be noted that the company has survived two recessions and continued to grow despite the economic conditions. They recently secured orders from two of the nation’s largest truck stop chains to be stocked in potentially more than 500 locations by the end of 2023 (a partnership that will bring in significantly more revenue). Q1 2023 gross sales are up 14% and net sales are up 42%.

The owners’ son-in-law is the GM and runs the day-to-day operations; he is excited to stay on with the company long-term and help a buyer scale and grow.

2019 2020 2021 2022
Revenue $2,557,356 $1,449,682 $2,811,268 $3,091,941
SDE $478,482 -$3,056 $712,317 $731,837

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $3,300,000

Revenue: $3,091,941

Income: $731,837

Multiple: 4.5x

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