Southwest Trailer Sales

Business Description

For sale is a 9-year-old horse and utility trailer sales company with multiple locations in the southwest, each with its own full-service repair shop. Customer loyalty leads to repeat purchases as the business is fast becoming the go-to source for trailers within the growing equestrian community in the Southwest.

The trailer sales company has contracts, or dealer agreements, with several well-known trailer companies. These companies supply trailers from Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, Idaho, Ohio, Kansas, and New Mexico, which will transfer to a new owner.

Growing the business can be achieved by 1) adding locations within the main metro area as there is room to support at least three more shops (one of which is in development) as well as 2) expanding further throughout the state and southwest United States.

Another major vector for growth is that historically they have only done minor repairs within the service centers, but they have recently started offering full service and warranty solutions that will be a large revenue driver going forward.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $23,000,000

Revenue: $24,000,000 (2022)

Income: $3,800,000 (2022)

Multiple: 6x

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