Soft Serve and Frozen Drink Machine Manufacturer

Business Description

For sale is an 18-year-old company in Texas that offers a variety of 14 different soft serve and frozen drink machines to commercial and residential customers in the USA, Canada, and parts of Mexico. The drink machines are designed to be more reliable than the competition. There are several trademarks on the machines, and recently 1 patent was filed for motor control. Over the past year, commercial sales increased, and residential sales decreased slightly. The residential decrease is likely due to a shift in the economy. 60-70% of sales are to commercial establishments (restaurants and convenience stores) and 30% to residential customers.

The machines are manufactured in Asia, contributing to the attractive 35% margins. There has been an exclusive contract with the supplier for 18 years. In 2022 soft serve machines accounted for $1M in sales, while frozen drink machines had $2.8M. Dealers, using MAP pricing, sell the machines, which has been vital in growing the company. There are 8 full-time employees and the owner, on average, spends about an hour per day working.


2020 2021 2022
Revenue $2,061,125 $3,543,632 $4,220,873
SDE $504,107 $587,312 $1,480,509

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $8,800,000 + Inventory

Revenue: $4,220,873

Income: $1,480,509

Multiple: 5.94x

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