Shipping Container Sales and Transport

Business Description

For sale is a 4-year-old business that offers shipping container sales and delivery in the southern United States. Shipping containers are obtained directly through established contacts in the shipping lines. The company has a simple business model, does not require many employees, and has good profit margins.

There are 827 total customers, many of which bring repeat business with an average order value between $4K-$5K. The decline in revenue and earnings in 2021 was due to container shortages and fluctuating shipping container prices related to the pandemic. These events caused an increase in the cost of goods; however, prices have leveled off. Several opportunities exist to grow the business, such as purchasing and selling containers from other ports in the United States, hiring more drivers and salespeople, or introducing paid advertising.

Currently, there are 2 full-time contractors and 1 part-time contractor, plus additional contractors who work as needed. The owner has been outsourcing delivery and services to lower the time required to be actively involved in the business. Extra staff has also been brought on to increase sales.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,350,000+Inventory

Revenue: $846,334 (2022 Projection)

Income: $571,458 (2022 Projection)

Multiple: 2.36x

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