Virginia Commercial Arborists

Business Description

For sale is a Virginia-based full-service tree company specializing in pruning, takedowns, removals, stump grinding, root excavation, vertical mulching and clearing and serving Virginia and the DC metro area. They are a highly profitable and growing operation with repeat clients and contracts with golf courses, state parks, the Department of Transportation, and residential HOA organization.

There is full W2 management, estimators and crew plus exceptional equipment value that makes this an ideal candidate for continued growth with a solid infrastructure in place.

Seller is willing to remain on staff as the full-time President for up to 24 months, allowing time to eventually replace his responsibilities with in-house staff. It is our belief that an eventual virtual executive management will be utilized once a buyer’s expertise reaches maturity and should be a viable consideration.

The business has been pre-approved for an SBA loan with favorable terms for a qualified buyer.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $3,000,000

Revenue: $3,590,850 (TTM Accrual)

Income: $1,290,252 (TTM Accrual)

Multiple: 2.32x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed