Real Estate Sales and Marketing Company

Business Description

For Sale is a 3-year-old real estate sales and marketing agency based in Montreal, Canada, specializing in multi-residential leasing. The company helps property owners and managers find quality tenants to lease their buildings.

They dominate the local market and are the leader in multi-residential leasing. Montreal is a very dense city with many multi-family units within a small radius, creating an abundance of potential client opportunities.

The company works with new development and stabilization projects (buildings that are rented but not fully rented), with each building needing at least 8 vacancies. There were 1,349 apartments rented in 2022, and the agency is paid around 92% of the first month’s rent, plus taxes from every property owner, and they have a 95% client retention rate.

There has been exponential revenue growth attributed to a new clientele of corporate housing providers (recurring clients), where they provide bulk units and properties. Yet another corporate housing provider will be signed this year.

The business has a staff of 17 leasing specialists. Although the owner’s managerial/support staff roles will need to be replaced, there are two potential general managers with executive capacity and expertise. The owners are confident the staff will stay with the company post-sale.

There are no specific licensing requirements to own the company, but keeping company values at the forefront, business development skills, and experience in managing and training sales teams would benefit a buyer. Maintaining an energetic culture that will keep the staff driven and motivated is a high priority for the owners.

2020 2021 2022 2023 Proforma


$128,694 $629,340 $1,771,945 $3,200,000


$47,148 $356,510 $511,667 $1,130,222


Financial Overview

Asking Price: $2,750,000 CAD

Revenue: $1,771,945 CAD

Income: $626,133 CAD (3 Year Avg.)

Multiple: 4.39X

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