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Started in 2002, this 100% B2B paving business based in Illinois serves large commercial businesses like Walmart, CVS, and McDonald’s, as well as major real estate, gas station, and general contractor businesses. They win business by bidding on projects within Illinois and Missouri. The business does 85% of revenue in paving business and 15% in sealcoating, patching, and hauling.

Aside from the paving service, the business also has a state inspection lane – commercial vehicles can go through the building to be inspected, and the business generates 1% of revenue from this inspection lane.

The owner’s father was in the same business before him, and now the owner is looking to retire. He believes the business would benefit from someone with marketing and technology skills, as the business does not even have its own website at the moment.

The business comes with about $2.5M assets on the balance sheet including trucks, rollers, pavers, pickups, and snow plows.

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