Ohio Puppy Store

Business Description

For sale is a 13-year-old puppy store located in Cincinnati with customers in the Ohio, lndiana, and Kentucky tri-state markets, supplied by reliable, trusted, and experienced breeders.

The store only uses private USDA and Ohio licensed breeders that are required to have clean inspections with no critical violations. They have chosen not to specialize in any one or two breeds, but instead boast the largest selection of purebreds and “designer dogs” in the region.

The revenue peaked in 2020 due to pandemic-time demand for pets. However, the business stabilized in 2021 and is out-performing previous non-pandemic years, with 2022 numbers already looking very solid.

The owner supplies 33% of the current puppies and will be staying on as the main supplier for the store, keeping his 17-acre kennel to breed his own puppies for sale and also acting as the point of contact to acquire puppies wholesale from other breeders in his network. This allows a buyer to literally step into a turn-key operation, as there is an experienced full-time manager and knowledgeable retail staff running the store. A buyer could either be a hands-on owner or choose to operate in a more passive, absentee manner.

The business has been pre-approved for an SBA loan for a qualified buyer.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,400,000 + Inventory

Revenue: $1,605,967

Income: $476,028

Multiple: 2.94x

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