Missouri Medical Laser Company

Business Description

For sale is a 5-year-old business that sells FDA-approved Class IV medical lasers for use in chiropractors’, physical therapists, medical offices, and other health care professionals. Health care providers use class IV lasers to treat chronic knee pain or arthritis, chronic Achilles tendonitis, elbow pain or tendonitis of the elbow, and chronic wrist pain. This company is the only one allowed to sell this specific laser in the United States. Health care facilities choose this laser over others because it costs one-third to one-half less than competitors and has a better warranty than the competition.

The company is run out of the owner’s home. 60% of the sales are direct, and 40% are by dealers and distributors. Revenue in 2020 was $935K and increased in 2021 to over $1.9M. It is a simple business that doesn’t require many employees to make it function. It is also 100% debt free with no loans, encumbrances, or pledge securities.

Minimal marketing has been done in the past, allowing a buyer to introduce traditional marketing to help grow the business. Another way to increase the company is to sell approved lasers to veterinary, dental, or physical therapy offices.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,500,000 (Inventory Included)

Revenue: $1,961,097

Income: $445,874

Multiple: 3.36X

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