Luxury Home Furnishing Retail Store with Interior Design

Business Description

For sale is an Interior Design Firm and Luxury Home Furnishings Retail Store with 18 successful years located in a high-end shopping center in Southern California.

The firm sells high-end home furnishings including: Furniture, Accessories, Draperies, Lighting, Flooring and Bedding as well as offering experienced Interior Design, Space Planning, and Construction Consultation.

Customers are primarily middle and upper-class, with an average retail purchase value of $500 and an average design revenue of $100,000. Revenue and earnings dropped during the Covid pandemic but are getting closer to returning to normal.

The company employs 8 experienced and knowledgeable designers and 3 support staff. The owners believe the employees will stay with the buyer. A buyer would benefit from general business skills and furniture industry knowledge; however, no special licenses or degrees are required to own the business successfully.


2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Forecast
Revenue $5,499,141 $4,185,202 $4,747,328 $5,302,074 $5,400,000
EBITDA $1,029,298 $285,391 $635,268 $727,944 $803,443

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $3,300,000 (Includes $800K Working Capital)

Revenue: $5,400,000 (2023 Projection)

Income: $803,443 (2023 Projection)

Multiple: 4.1x

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