Home Decor Ecommerce Business

Business Description

For sale is a three-year-old eco-friendly ecommerce business in the home decor niche. Their designs are inspired by nature, and products ship 100% carbon-neutral via drop-shipping from their suppliers, so no warehouse or inventory is needed, and any product can be customized.

It is a popular business globally, with loyal customers spread across North America, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe. They have a robust brand following and built an engaged community of over 63k followers. Additionally, they have a robust email marketing list of 37k customers.

It should also be noted that due to some Shopify updates in March 2023, the website was down for almost a month and that time offline affected annual revenue significantly.

The business has a catalog of 51 products. Greater emphasis has been placed on several MPV products that drive significant traffic to the website. Focusing on several MPV products has enabled them to boost revenue by optimizing their marketing for a handful of products instead of managing the marketing for their whole catalog. By using this strategy, they have been able to innovate and market their top-tier products better than competitors in the market.

The business has two contractors. One contractor handles email and SMS marketing, SEO blog writing, and social media management; the second is responsible for customer support. Almost all internal processes are automated, besides advertising. The owners spend only a few hours per week overseeing advertising and have waited to outsource advertising because many buyers have teams already in place. The owners can hire and train an advertising specialist as part of the sale. Alternatively, the buyer can be onboarded with the advertising agency they previously used.

All business management processes, advertising practices, new product sourcing practices, and other decision-making metrics are rigorously documented and packaged in Word and video format for easy onboarding and training.


2021 2022 2023
Revenue (CAD) $737,258 $1,899,666 $1,310,341
SDE (CAD) $142,040 $359,114 $185,489


2021 2022 2023
Revenue (USD) $555,529 $1,431,414 $987,352
SDE (USD) $107,028 $270,595 $139,745

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $600,000 USD

Revenue: $1,209,383 USD (2022 & 2023 avg)

Income: $205,170 USD (2022 & 2023 avg)

Multiple: 2.9x

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