Home Care Service Company

Business Description

For sale is a 12-year-old company in Southern California that provides non-medical in-home care to senior citizens. The company believes in combining people and technology to offer the highest level of home care services that you can count on.

There has been consistent revenue growth, with a slight dip in revenue in 2022 due to Google ads not performing, which led to a change in marketing agencies. In addition, increased earnings resulted from a transition to a remote workforce that lowered expenses. The business has a low percentage worker’s compensation rate of 3%, a highly favorable rate within the home care industry. This low rate contributes to the business’s cost efficiency and financial stability.

They have approximately 25-30 ongoing clients who regularly utilize their services. Services range from $31-$37 per hour, with their best-selling services being hospice support, dementia care, and respite care, which comprise 35% of revenue.

The owner will exit to pursue other business ventures but has an office staff of 5 and a robust network of caregivers, including approximately 43 caregivers on ongoing payroll and 18 1099 contractor caregivers available for assignments as needed. Moreover, they have a database of 384 pre-screened and vetted caregivers in their scheduling software database.

2020 2021 2022  

2023 (Through May)

Revenue $1,256,028 $2,615,548 $1,970,640 $783,395
SDE $123,531 $432,116 $511,867 $128,152


Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,500,000

Revenue: $1,970,640

Income: $511,867

Multiple: 3x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed