Event Equipment Rental & Production Business

Business Description

For sale is a 23-year-old event production company located in the Southeast that provides services in event strategy, event design, and event production. They specialize in events for corporate and faith-based clients.

They do 600-800 shows per year (ranging from small to large) and have started to increase the average job size by taking on larger clients and not going after the smaller shows they’ve historically taken on, resulting in higher earnings. On the macro level, demand for in-person shows increased – now that everyone wants to be ‘back in person,’ large corporate or religious events like these have become even more popular, resulting in more revenue for event support businesses like this for at least a few years to come.

The business makes most of its revenue from equipment rentals and some equipment sales. It has about $8M worth of equipment, included in the sale, of large and small equipment so they can produce any event (think: massive LED walls, speakers, monitors, generators, switches, drapes, racks, cords, computers). Combined with their skilled team who strategizes and produces the events (the next biggest income category is for their labor), the company is able to produce huge or small corporate or faith events.

The General Manager is compensated about $230-250k/year and handles the equipment purchasing.

2029 2020 2021 2022  



Revenue $5,162,933 $4,081,405 $6,007,455 $11,214,431 $7,829,501
Adjusted Cashflow $1,070,413 $886,236 $708,752 $2,082,085 $1,720,560


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Financial Overview

Asking Price: $10,500,000 (Including Equipment & Inventory)

Revenue: $11,214,431

Income: $2,082,085

Multiple: 5.04x

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