Email Compliance SaaS Business

Business Description

Founded in 2012, this is a 100% remote SaaS that manages marketing opt-out compliance and suppression lists of email addresses, root domains and telephone numbers for companies around the world. It’s a necessary — not optional — tool as existing and expanding global regulations require organizations to adhere to marketing opt-out compliance requirements.

All revenue is 100% recurring and they currently have 60 active clients who pay monthly subscription fees with 30-day opt-out options (and over the past 10 years they have had less than 1% churn in clientele).

It was developed as an in-house tool by email marketers with decades of insider experience and their clients began as their competitors and once this grew, they shut down their marketing agency to focus on this product. It currently has a nominal market share with a high potential for growth and their customers include any company that deploys commercial email messages e.g., corporations, individual advertisers, email marketers, ESPs and CRM platforms. The technology can also be pivoted to generally manage data e.g., do-not-call lists, data sales, etc.

There are two owners who currently only spend a combined 3-5 hours a week on the business. One of the owners is willing to stay on as a consultant if wanted.

2020 2021 2022
Revenue $117,573 $146,194 $149,223
SDE $96,431 $120,351 $127,260

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $650,000

Revenue: $149,223

Income: $127,260

Multiple: 5.1x

The listing is either pending or closed so the NDA cannot be signed