Florida Construction Marketing Company

Business Description

For sale is an 8-year-old debt free Construction Marketing Company based near Sarasota. The company assists homeowners with roofing damage in neighborhoods that have received storms. The marketing company then works with the homeowners and the builder to replace the roof through their insurance company. Once the builder is paid, they pay the marketing company 20% of the gross sale. The average order value is $25,000, and the average revenue per customer is $5,000. The marketing company assists two salespeople and receives 5% of sales revenue in return. These salespeople are not employees of the marketing company, they are 1099 contractors for the roofing company. Since there will always be storms and nearly all homeowners have homeowners insurance, the marketing company is practically recession-proof.

Also, with being an essential business in 2020 and more people being at home to replace their roofs, revenue was $1,159,825, one of the highest years of revenue the business experienced, and there were no hurricanes to hit Florida that year. Revenue decreased in 2021 to $470,651, which is in the normal range. With hurricane season getting ready to start, 2022 revenue estimates are also around the $450K range.

The marketing company has very little overhead, as the business is run from the owner’s home. There are no employees and inventory, so the company is easy to run. There is one roofing company that the marketing company works with, however the new owner can expand to others if they choose to. Another way to grow the business is to expand the sales force into additional regions or states.

Financial Overview

Asking Price: $1,200,000

Revenue: $470,651

Income: $456,263

Multiple: 2.7x

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